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3 de dezembro de 2010

Iron & Wine - Soundtrack's And Extras

01.Dead Man's Will  (Yeti Compilation One)
02.Sacred Vision (Sound Collector 8)
03.Such Great Heights (Postal Service Cover)
04.The Past And Pending (with James Mercer & Rosie Thomas) (Magic)
05.Peng! 33 (Yeti Compilation Two)
06.Chelsea Hotel (with Carissa's Wierd) (Carissa's Wierd - Scrap Book)
07.Red Rover (with Rosie Thomas) (Patient Zero)
08.Sleeping Diagonally (The Six Parts Seven - Lost Notes From Forgotten Songs)
09.Ab's Song (Sweetheart - Love Songs)
10.Morning (Ladies & Gentlemen)
11.Loud As Hope (Connect - Rarities Sampler Volume 1)
12.New Slang (with The Shins) (The Shins - Fighting In A Sack)
13.We All, Us Three, Will Ride (Will Oldham Cover) (I Am A Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass)
14.Waitin' For A Superman (Yeti Compilation Two)
15.The Trapeze Swinger (In Good Company)
16.John's Glass Eye (Yeti Compilation Three)
17.Southern Anthem (Acquired Taste)
18.Naked As We Came (Acquired Taste)
19.Dark Eyes (with Calexico) (I'm Not There)
20.In Your Own Time
21.Two Hungry Blackbirds
22.Cold Town (Live & Rare)
23.The Same Old Song (Four Tops Cover)
24.Waitin' For A Superman (Sounds Eclectic 3)
25.Wild Horses (Rolling Stones Cover Live)

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